Month: January 2022

Kali Tiraima || A Poem by ANANTA RAJ SHRESTHA || काली तिरैमा || नेपाली कविता || अनन्त राज श्रेष्ठ ||

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In this video, you will listen a poem entitled “Kali Tiraima” by ANANTA RAJ SHRESTHA. For more videos subscribe this channel. 💎 Connect With ANANTA RAJ SHRESTHA: ● Website➤: ● Facebook➤:… ● Instagram➤:… ● Linkedin➤:… ● Email ➤ : [email protected] 💼 For any inquiry: [email protected]

Study tips for students through Astrology

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From Astrological viewpoint there are lots of things through which we can improve our study, such as sitting in North-East direction while studying, sleeping by putting head in East direction, Using skyblue colors in ceiling and etc. This Astrological tips are also from scientific viewpoint. It may help all kind of study to increase focus …

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